Submitting to The Chosen

Wicked Wednesday


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The spreader was wider than any he’d secured her to before. Her legs, forced so far apart, ached to her hips. And the strap hanging from the ceiling… he must have shortened it several inches. She’d never had to stretch so far to reach it.

She struggled to hold onto it as he tightened the female hands boundleather cuffs, leaving her all but hanging by her wrists. Her shoulders already ached from the position, though she dared not complain. She wiggled the tingle from her fingers, longed to rest her quivering legs.

He didn’t speak as he adjusted her bonds tonight. Didn’t offer a glance or reassuring smile. Had she displeased him somehow? The way he tied her – so tight, so stretched – made her fear his intent as much, nearly, as she craved it.

She watched his every move, not wanting to miss even his slightest glance her way, needing the contact of his gaze on hers. Contact he had yet to provide. Not looking at her eyes even as he blocked her vision with the blindfold.

Panic stirred within her belly. A slight quiver which quickly grew until the air around her felt too heavy to inhale. She knew what came next and though she tried to calm herself, she ached to hear his soothing voice, his words of encouragement, before he fitted the gag into her mouth. Yet no reassurances came from him now. He remained silent. Seemed not to move as this terror threatened to consume her.

She would not suffocate. She repeated the words in her mind, again and again. It would not block her air. She would be able to breathe. Slow deep breaths through her nose. He always talked her through her irrational fear with those very words, coached her past those frightful moments when her nerves brought her to the brink of ending all they did. Only once she calmed would he settle the gag into place.

He would push her beyond her comfort but not harm. Had always soothed and calmed and rewarded. He would not harm her now. She trusted him more than she trusted herself. Black ball-gag

Answering his silent and patient command, she opened her mouth, ready to accept the detestable gag that pleased him so.

He gripped her jaw. Traced her lips with his tongue. Suckled her bottom lip until she sighed into the moist heat of his mouth. He scraped his teeth over it, biting just enough to make her wince before he let go.

His breath caressed her ear, damp. Hot. “Do you want this, my pet?”

He would know she didn’t, that she would crawl to him on hands and knees, lick the floor upon which he walked, offer her ass to his hand, his paddle, his probing touch… open herself as he saw fit, nearly anything… but this. “It’s your gift to me.”

“Yes. But do you want it?”

“I… welcome it as proof of my love for you.”

He chuckled softly, nuzzled her cheek with his, the stubble scratching her. “And if I want further proof? Would you welcome that too?”

His voice, so calm, so low and teasing, lulled her, made her wish to please him so she might hear more of it. The pain of his silence had been greater than any pain she could feel at his hand.

“I would.” 

“Then tonight you’ll accept a different gift.” He touched her then, his hands cupped to her hips, his fingers digging into her, squeezing her ass through the satin gown until she struggled to stop the whimper. “You’ll remain bound as you are,” he said, “stretched and tested in ways you’ve never been.” He released her. Landed a hard smack to her ass, the sting shocking.

She cried out, clenched her cheeks to ward off the pain but another followed, harder than the last and she cried out again. Her breaths heaved from her and she turned her head, trying to sense where he’d gone.

His voice came from behind her, then surrounded her as he moved. “Tonight, you’ll think of me as well as your Chosen. The ache in your body will help you remember.”

No. He would leave her this way, hung and stretched, for the duration. Without reprieve… 

“Will you do this for me, Caroline?”

She could end this now. She could say no in a shout or the softest of sighs… yet she ached to please him, to feel his strength, his restraint. To be his in this way, in every way. It thrilled her. Frightened her.

A tear soaked into her blindfold. “Yes.” The word came on a sigh. 

Blindfolded woman nuzzled by sexy shirless manHis large warm hands smoothed down her body, her glorious satin gown, his gift tonight, like a lubricant, making his rough touch more fluid, more stirring. The moment she unwrapped it this evening she knew he had planned something special. It was the most beautiful of all his gifts. Black shiny satin that fell to her ankles, with long slits up both sides. The fabric soft enough to mold to her every curve, crisp enough to tease her nipples and catch the soft curls at her mound.

His knuckles caressed her cheek. His fingertips brushed her neck. Every touch awakened something deep inside her. Stirred her. But she was not to think about the effect on her own body. She was to think only of him. And of her Chosen. Whoever that might be. She was to think only of them and how to please. Obey.

He cupped her breasts through her gown. Flicked her nipples to attention. Pinched them until she nearly cried out. She released the pain with a small sigh, forced her thoughts onto him. Onto the pleasure he took from flattening her nipples between his fingers. Even after he released them, she still felt the ache.

Soon, he would leave and she would be at the mercy of a stranger… a Chosen. A man selected just for her. To test her desire to please him. Though afraid now as always, she would not disappoint him.

A slight cool draft caressed her body. She waited. Listened. Noted the slight shift in the air. With her vision obstructed, all other senses were keen. The light click of the door told her he’d gone. She was alone.

The waiting had begun.


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Wicked Wednesday - Submitting to The Chosen
Article Name
Wicked Wednesday - Submitting to The Chosen
He would leave her there, alone and at the mercy of a stranger. A man he'd chosen just for her. It excited her. Frightened her. Tested how far she would go to please him...