Wicked Wednesday Teaser – Know Your Pleasure

An excerpt from


Immoral Virtue, #2


He did not seek to shame the girl, yet it was known the devil would leave his mark in a place hidden to all but those with the most discerning eye.

He shifted the hand already against the girl. Flattened his palm over her rump, Submissive woman, nude, bound on floorthen slid two fingers lengthwise into the deep crevasse between her tender cheeks. She tensed as an innocent would, but he would not be dissuaded. She was meant to feel this, to respond. To prove no hidden part of her, none shielded nor sensitive, had been deadened by the devil’s touch.

He edged his fingers lower. Let the tips of them brush the cockled edge of her tight little passage. With a small moan, she shifted her hips but with Abigail’s knees beneath her and his hand above, she had little place to go.

“Hush,” he said, knowing this part was difficult for most, not only for the newness of it, not only for the fear, but for the pleasure it was sure to stir. Using only his fingertips, he spread her cheeks wide, exposing the tightness residing between them.

She whimpered. Tensed further.

With his free hand slightly cupped, he smacked the underside of her fleshy cheek.

She cried out as anticipated, from shock though not pain, for the strike was not hard. Still she tensed.

He flattened his hand, landed another swat on the same spot. And then a third. Fourth. Fifth. Light enough to distract her. Hard enough to tinge her skin a deeper shade of pink, proving it was not deadened.

Her breaths came in quick little whimpers and he continued the strikes, still held her spread. Made her flesh yet more sensitive, her scent more apparent. Her body responding as he hoped. His own hand heating.

“You will draw a slow breath now, Rebecca.” He smoothed his hand to the battered spot. “Long and slow,” he said and glanced at Abigail. Her lips were further parted. Inviting. Her breaths so slow, so full they lifted her chest. Though her dress concealed the flesh there, he thought how she had been earlier, naked, presenting herself to his examination. Eager and open. Responsive.

He looked down at his hand against Rebecca, cupping her cheek the way he would cup Abigail’s breast if it were exposed to him again.

Tension eased from Rebecca as she breathed.

“Good,” he said softly, then spread her wider with his fingers. “Another breath…”

As she calmed, he brushed his oiled finger over the tight little hole there. Short wispy caresses, up and down. Up and down. He did not stop, even as her tension returned. It was tension not meant as much to shut him out as to show proof of her mounting need.

“Easy. Deeply.” He caressed her with slightly more force, watched Abigail as he did, unable to resist, eager to see her responses. She sat stiffly, her back bowed, her chest lifted, as though it were she, not Rebecca, beneath his hand.

He pressed his finger more firmly against Rebecca, softening the tightness there despite her resistance. “Breathe slow,” he said but her every breath quivered as she drew it.

“She is frightened.” Abigail’s voice was like that of a lover. Breathy and faint. Tempting him to draw closer so he might hear it, feel it against his cheek.

Her fingers splayed wide across Rebecca’s back, then clawed as she gently scraped the girl’s flesh with her fingernails, making Rebecca tremble yet more.

“She appears most pure,” he said. His wish was to be gentle, but there could still be a spot, yet unseen, that lay numb upon her body. All of her would be tested. “Close your eyes, Rebecca, and feel what I do.”

She remained tight, stiff. Her tiny whimpers growing silent. And he increased pressure against her until he felt her muscles begin to relent, to open to him, allowing the very tip of his finger to slip inside of her.

“Perhaps…” Abigail’s hot fingers closed a round his wrist, the move dislodging him from the girl. “…it would be less difficult if she were tested elsewhere as well.”

He searched Abigail’s eyes. “I will hear your thoughts.”

“’Tis her arousal in the air now.” She inhaled deeply and gave him a small fleeting smile. “Touch her, Good Sir. Stir her further and perhaps this test will become more effective and… agreeable.”

Her words, their meaning, were like a solid fist clamped around his cock. Building pressure swiftly as if that fist were oiled, resolute. Abigail’s smile slowly returned, her gaze unwavering.

He understood her game, though perhaps, she did not. She was there to aid in these examinations so they might test all of the accused by dawn. Yet she tested him.

Lantern light, two women, pleasure, lovers - THE ACCUSED by Arla DahlHe straightened, taking Rebecca with him, his arm wrapped tight around her breasts, holding her back firmly to his chest. His gaze never left Abigail’s, even as his free hand smoothed gently over Rebecca’s soft belly.

“You will stand wide, Rebecca,” he said, inching his hand lower until his fingertips skimmed her soft nether curls. He let them linger there, lightly thrumming as Abigail’s gaze dropped to them. And then he slid his palm lower. Pressed it to Rebecca’s inner thigh, forcing her legs further apart.

“Lift your skirts, Abigail,” he said as his blood surged through him. “Know your pleasure so you might find hers.”



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Wicked Wednesday Teaser - Know Your Pleasure
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Wicked Wednesday Teaser - Know Your Pleasure
She was meant to feel this shame, this pleasure. To respond. To prove no part of her, none shielded nor sensitive, had been deadened by the devil’s touch.