“All witchcraft comes from carnal lust, which is in women insatiable.”

~Heinrich Kramer, 1486


Be this a witch?
As one of the accused, she must stand bare before the governor and submit to his shameful examination
Should she feel his prodding and respond to his touch, 
her innocence will be proven.
And this night he will claim her.
Should she fail to cry out in pain or in pleasure, then all will know she is a witch who bears…

The Mark



“Wherefore for the sake of fulfilling their lusts (women) consort even with devils.”

~Heinrich Kramer, 1486


A witch marked by the devil cannot feel, no matter how gently caressed, no matter how deeply probed.

And so the accused submit, eager to have their innocence proven, their senses aroused, their passions explored.

When one resists, her fate is sealed. Whoever stands in her defense will stand among…

The Accused



“When those in authority neglect to reprove sin,
then very often the good are punished with the wicked.”

~Heinrich Kramer, 1486

For yielding to the proud tears of an accused witch, The Watchman must submit to the governor’s examination, lest the devil’s mark be new upon him.

Though the touch of another man’s hands reminds him of a brutal past,
it is only a witch who cannot be aroused.

And so he must yield.

The Watchman


Even wedded and sharing a bed, no man would touch a woman as he touched her. But she had chosen this. To submit, to prove her innocence this way, for only the witch could not feel…

…yet she felt it all. His every touch… his every breath. “For what do you ache?” His words brushed her ear, warm and moist. “Tell me.”

He guided her hands lower, over her soft belly, her hips, the tops of her thighs. The oils they spread there, glistened upon her flesh as firelight and shadows caroused about his chambers.

And then he grasped her wrists and urged her hands to her back once again. “Clasp them,” he said.  And she did.


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“I would compare the story to a particularly rich chocolate cake. Each bite is so wonderfully delicious – to the point where it almost (but never quite) becomes too much to handle. You may find, in fact, that you start with only small bites. But then the author turns on a little bit of peril – just the right amount – and it mixes to a degree where your hunger to learn what happens next becomes insatiable.” – TL

“Arla, I read pretty much only historical erotica. Your books were some of the best I have read. Thank you so much for writing them. Your male characters are everything…Are you writing more? I would love to know. Thank you for your amazing ability to put feeling into words. I felt everything as I read be it pleasure, pain or emotion in each character. I am sad I have no more to read by you right now!!! Keep writing and I will keep reading.” – A

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“Fifty Shades-meets-Shakespeare in this eloquent, erotic tale.”
– Debra Druzy, Contemporary Romance Author