Samuel ParrisOn this day in Salem Village, 1692, Reverend Samuel Parris spoke of love and forgiveness. He quoted the Song of Solomon in his sermon, speaking of the sentiment in terms of the love of man for Christ and Christ for man, not love of man for man. He spoke of affection, forgiveness and reconciliation. “Kisses are very sweet among true friends after some jars and differences, whereby they testify true reconciliation.”

The congregation listened intently, seeking such reconciliation for their village.
Throwback Thursday - 10-23B
Sadly, over the prior months, the village of Salem had detained, harassed, accused, tortured and hanged men, women, children and dogs based on spectral and other circumstantial evidence. Perhaps the accusers, the court and the clerg
y sought reconciliation but the surviving accused – those released and those still in prison – and the families of the executed rightfully scoffed at such a suggestion.

Throwback Thursday 10-23ANo apology given. No sign of humility or regret. Just a simple shrug and request for those involved to forgive and forget. We might never know if forgiveness was given but the events of Salem Village in the year of 1692 have never been, nor will they ever be, forgotten.