It’s so dark gray and gloomy this morning – the perfect morning to curl up with a steaming hot story.  And to that end, here is a tiny teaser from The Accused:

TEASER: THE ACCUSED (Immoral Virtue, #2)

Copyright © 2014 Arla Dahl
Published by Brooklyn Rose Press
All rights reserved

“How do you yield to this man?” she said. “Bare yourselves to him and allow him to violate your bodies?” Her breasts swayed as she moved. Her nipples hardened, poked at the thin fabric with every passionate phrase she uttered. “‘Tis not for honor nor virtue he does this but for his own pleasure.” 

It took all of his control to keep from thrashing her, securing her body and mouth so Elizabeth-Madnessshe could not speak further nor cause the others to fret more. Once she relented, he would do all to prove her innocence…though her pride, her bold words and actions made him fear her innocence might not be proven.

She turned to him, her shift gaping at the breast though she still held it closed at the throat. Her passion and fire, her anger and pride were bold and sinful. He knew this yet his body betrayed his mind for, though he wished to deny it, she stirred him. Her full breasts and small waist called to all that was male within him. Not governor, not examiner. It was immoral. Lustful. Yet he was forced to stare, to watch her every move. Her petticoats, damp from the cold outside air, clung to her hips and her full mound, the richness of her reddish hair darkening the thin fabric that barely covered her there.

That fabric tapered down the length of her legs, long and lean they were, and he thought of them spread, bound upon the table. He would take care with her as with the others, though even if she were to submit, she would challenge him, making restraint – of her and of himself – yet more difficult.

“It is not your honor I wish to prove,” he said, “it is your purity.” He glanced at the others then turned back to her. “It is not your virtue I wish to save… it is your lives.”



The Accused