To celebrate the upcoming release of Book 2 in my Immoral Virtue Trilogy, THE ACCUSED, I’m offering one free copy per day, alternating days here and on Facebook. One lucky person who comments on this post will be selected to win a copy in Nook or Kindle format – winner’s choice. 🙂

To give you something on which to comment… here’s little teaser:


TEASER: THE ACCUSED (Immoral Virtue, #2)

Copyright © 2014 Arla Dahl
Published by Brooklyn Rose Press
All rights reserved

“I will see your eyes, Rebecca.” He used a different voice with the girl now. A softer tone, stern yet calm. “Do not look away.”

Smolder FBThey stood silhouetted, as though lovers, face to face before the glowing hearth. Jameson’s broad body towered over Rebecca’s, his finger beneath her chin, tilting her face toward his.

“If you are marked… anywhere,” he said in a .whisper, “I will know.”
He trailed a finger from Rebecca’s chin down to her neck and over the ridge of her shoulder, a single stroke, slow and steady. The caress pebbled Rebecca’s naked flesh as his fingers traced back the way they came. Painting her body with his touch the same as he had painted Abigail’s. And Abigail breathed with them. Slowly. Deeply. The tingle of Jameson’s touch, the heat it had created deep within her, as vivid for her now as before.

“You cannot hide,” he said in a tone so tender, the words seemed not to matter.

He shifted his hand and whispered the back of it downward, over the top of Rebecca’s breast. The girl swayed and seemed to tremble. His touch did not falter. The movement slight. Deliberate. The sight magnificent. Haunting. To Abigail it was as though flames of lust had leapt from the hearth, rousing them all with a heat of a different kind.

-The Accused, Immoral Virtue #2

The Accused Book 2 Cover - Pleasure - COVER REVEAL

If you haven’t read Book 1, THE MARK, you can find it here:


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History is revised in this erotic tale of choice removed as the duty to submit wars with the desire to resist. Abigail Prescott, a 17th Century woman accused of witchcraft, seeks to prove herself unmarked by Satan. She willingly submits to her governor’s thorough examination but is ill-prepared for his shameful grueling probe, as it permits him to see and test her every inch and every hollow.