For this Saturday Spankings, how about a little peek back at Book 1 of the Immoral Virtue trilogy? For fun and spanks…

(Immoral Virtue, Book 1)

Saturday Spankings


Saturday Spankings - shy naked woman, covering herself“My intent is not to hurt you, Abigail.” He dragged the crop down, haltingly, between her breasts. “But it is only a witch who does not feel.” Her belly quivered as he drew the crop lower still, not stopping until it reached the bow at her waist. No longer cool against her flesh, he let the crop linger there, then drew it back up at the same lazy pace, as though her flesh were a canvas he painted. “Do you understand?”

She tried to speak but had no voice and nodded instead.

He smoothed the crop back down and traced the under curve of her left breast, his gaze closely following the path of it. “Lift your chin.”

The instant she did, she felt the icy sting of the crop Saturday Spankings - an insatiable acheagainst her breast. She cried out, more in shock than in pain. She made to block the second blow to the same spot, but remembered herself, and clasped her hands behind her again. The leather smoothed over the now tender spot and she braced herself as the third sting came.

“Be happy for the pain,” he said calmly, “to not feel it would mean you have been marked by the beast.”

He tapped the crop several times to the side of her breast, bouncing it lightly, as if judging the movement.

She fought to hold back the sob of humiliation and pain. No, not pain. An incredible ache. A sharp pang she could wipe away if permitted to do so. But this light tapping and his eyes intent on her breast, made her yet more aware of the sensation there.


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Immoral Virtue, Book 1
“Be this a witch?”




Saturday Spankings - Excerpt from THE MARK
Article Name
Saturday Spankings - Excerpt from THE MARK
For fun and spanks, a little spanking teaser from THE MARK (Immoral Virtue, Book 1) "She could not stop the cry of humiliation and pain. No...not pain, but an incredible ache..."