Today is the day I’ve been working toward! It’s release day for The Mark!

On this day, May 27th, in Salem Village, 1692, the Court of Oyer and Terminor was established to oversee the Salem Witch Trials.

On this day – today – THE MARK, my erotic debut novella, which turns that period in history upside down, is available at Amazon, B&N (though they’re being coy about it at the moment), Smashwords and Kobo.

Publication of this book is my birthday gift to myself and what is a birthday without presents?

So… I’m giving away a free copy to one random person who comments here today. Be warned, The Mark is a dark and gritty erotic tale of choice removed – of the duty to submit versus the desire to resist, and one question is the cause of it all… ‪#‎BeThisAWitch‬?


Help me celebrate!

And tell me… are you (predominately) a good witch? A bad witch? A sexy witch? A naughty witch? And… why?


***I will start… I’d like to say I’m a good witch because I like to please others (though I don’t always get it right) but considering the tone of The Mark I’m guessing I’m a naughty witch at heart. 



It is now 9pm here on the east coast and I am calling it a (wonderful) day! My thanks to all of you who commented here and helped make this day even more special than it was. And on that note… the winner of today’s release and birthday giveaway is……. Annalee Perez! Congrats, Annalee. I hope this makes the moody witch happy! 🙂 Use the contact form HERE to let me know which version of The Mark you would like – for Kindle, NOOK, or…? Thanks again, everyone.