Throwback Thursday - 9-11-01 - CopyOn this day in 2001, my country was attacked by a band of murderers and nearly 3000 people were killed as a result. My own city crumbled, and ash and agony spread through each borough as the stench of the attack filled our air and the horror of it filled our hearts. We remember it today, all these years later, and we unite to mourn the fallen.

Yet, beyond that attack lay others, before and since, on other streets, in other homes, other cities, other countries. And there are thousands of ‘other’ fallen. Whether carried out in the name of god, in the name of law or the name of passion or madness, people are suffering and dying, and I fear on this day, in years to come, very little will have changed.

My heart goes to all those affected by such horror, and my hope remains that some day the world will care as much about what happens ‘there’ as each part of the world cares about what happens at home.