Two years ago this week I released my debut novella – THE MARK, a twisted tale of a twisted history where accused witches were forcefully stripped and examined for the devil’s mark… I hadn’t realized at the time that May was Masturbation Month. Ah, had I known… But thanks to Kayla Lords, we can celebrate the month – and this 2nd anniversary of THE MARK – in style with a hot little giveaway. You have to read to the end of this scene between Abigail, the accused witch, and her examiner, Governor Jameson Foster to find out what that giveaway is and how to enter for your chance to win it (though, of course, you can scroll down if you’d rather….cheat…just sayin’)

Masturbation Monday – Week 90

(Immoral Virtue, Book 1)



“Turn around,” he said softly, returning his gaze to hers. “Lift your hair from your neck.”

She did as he instructed, feeling even more vulnerable with her arms above Lovers - BDSM - Tell me. Do you freely choose your fate this hour?her head and her hair cascading through her fingers than she had with her arms clasped at her back.

She caught her reflection in a mirror across the room and for a moment was unsure if it was herself looking back. Her pale face was flushed as she had never seen, not even in the coldest of winters. Her dry lips were red as if she had been kissed long and hard. She ran her tongue over them to moisten, then looked into her own eyes – no more tears and no defiance. Just what was required and expected. Acceptance of this examination. She would prove herself unmarked. She would prove she was not a witch no matter how shameful his tests.

Her courage faltered as he came to stand behind her. He captured her gaze through the mirror, then dropped it to her breasts. Her own gaze fell, and, with a gasp, she noted the angry red marks left there by the crop.

He cupped her breasts in his large, warm hands. Kneaded them lightly, as she would have done to soothe the ache. But his hands, handling her so gently now after striking her so, did not soothe. They stirred and shamed. Her eyes fluttered shut a second before she remembered to keep them on his. He was looking back at her through the mirror, watching, gauging her responses. Under his scrutiny her face grew hot and her breathing faltered.

Abigail - The Mark - ArlaDahl.comHe leaned in closer and his warm deep breaths tickled her neck, her shoulder. It rippled along her naked flesh. Gently, he rolled her sore nipples between his fingers. She winced, both in pain and in pleasure as the tingling heat between her legs grew more intense. She struggled to subdue it, wished for an end to his touches before they consumed her.

“You find this difficult.”

She fought to find her voice. “Most difficult.”

He nodded, kept his eyes on hers through the mirror, his fingers still fondling her.

And then he let go and stood back a mere breath.

He raised a hand and she tried to steel herself, unsure which she feared more, the sting of crop or the warmth of his touch.


(Immoral Virtue, #1)

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Masturbation Monday – Week 90 - Excerpt - THE MARK
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Masturbation Monday – Week 90 - Excerpt - THE MARK
I hadn't realized when I released THE MARK 2 years ago that May was Masturbation Month. Ah, had I known... But thanks to Kayla Lords, we can celebrate the month - and this anniversary of THE MARK - in style with a hot little giveaway.