Giveaway, New Cover Reveal and PAR-TAY!

I am celebrating the return of spring with an Amazon Giveaway and a smoking new cover for THE ACCUSED, Book 2 of the Immoral Virtue trilogy. I loved the original cover and will always have a place for it in my heart – it was the first cover, after all – but the new one takes my breath. I hope you love it, too.


Isn’t it gorgeous?!

As if a new cover were not exciting enough, I’m also excited to be taking part in the Kings of Spring Author Bash and Blog Hop. It’s a party so there will be games, videos, prizes, and other giveaways from a wealth of talented authors. So…not only will you have a chance to win a copy of The Accused during that event on Facebook but you’ll have several chances to win other books and prizes, too. In fact, by just voting for your favorite book trailer for the Stunner Awards (hosted by Belisama Press) you’ll be entered for a chance to win even more prizes.

So many games to play, so many ways to win. It’s all about having fun so I hope to see you there.

In case I haven’t convinced you, here’s a sexy little snippet from THE ACCUSED:



Abigail sat upon the table’s edge and reached for Rebecca. “Come,” Abigail said. “Lay your head upon my skirts.”

Rebecca hesitated and Abigail pulled her closer, lower.

With a small cry of resistant awareness, Rebecca did as asked, bending at the waist and burying her face in Abigail’s lap.

Abigail eased the girl’s arms around her waist. “Hold fast unto Giveaway post - Sexy male torso and New cover reveal for THE ACCUSEDme,” she said. “Do not let go.” She brushed Rebecca’s hair to the side, baring her back, and poured a few drops of the fragrant oil into her palm. Gently, in light fluid motions, she circled her hands over Rebecca from the girl’s shoulders to the swell of her rump. “Her skin is most smooth,” she said, slowly lifting her gaze to Jameson. “There is not a witch’s teat which I can see.”

“Witches are most often marked in a spot dark and secret.” He set a hand low on Rebecca’s back and used his booted foot to nudge her feet further apart. “We must be diligent in our search.”

Abigail knew not which was worse, having been as Rebecca was now, unaware of what to expect, or knowing the truth. And the shameful pleasure.

His gaze lingered on Abigail’s and she could not look away. Even as he coated his long thick pinkie with the oil until it glistened, she watched him. And then he looked away, turned to Rebecca and pressed his hand to her lower back once again.

“Widen your stance further,” he said, to the girl, “and hold tight to Abigail.”


Kings of Spring Event Banner

Check out some of the awesome authors who’ll be partying with us:

Desiree A. Cox

Mikki Smith

Tory Richards

Angelica Dawson

P.T. Macias

Dariel Raye

AK Michaels

Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

Nhys Glover

LaVerne Thompson

Abigail Owen

Terra Kelly


Giveaway, Cover Reveal and PAR-TAY!
Article Name
Giveaway, Cover Reveal and PAR-TAY!
I am celebrating the return of spring with an Amazon Giveaway, a Kings of Spring Facebook party and a smoking new cover for THE ACCUSED, Book 2 of the Immoral Virtue trilogy.