Fact or Fiction

6 weeks – 6 questions – 6 pieces of swag – 6 free copies of The Mark.

This is it! The final week where someone will have a chance to win a bit of swag and a free copy of The Mark. I’ll post a statement regarding the witch hysteria, and whoever posts the correct “Fact” or “Fiction” reply here in the comments section or on my Facebook page today or tomorrow (Thursday, May 29th) will have their name entered into this final week’s drawing. The schedule is off from previous weeks because I postponed this from Monday in honor of Memorial Day. So…

Wednesday = Statement. Friday = Answer. Sunday = Winner’s Name announced on my Facebook page. 




Week #6:

Fact or Fiction?

During the witch hysteria, men and women were stripped nude and all body hair shaved as part of the witch’s interrogation process.