Masturbation Monday

By His Command



Every shift of my hands tugged at the nipple clamps he’d chained to the leather cuffs at my wrists. Each move of my legs pulled at the clamps on my cunt. I shivered as I inched forward. The clamps biting firmly. I neared him, head up, eyes lowered, crop held between my teeth. He stepped back, making me crawl yet further.

I trembled. A writhing mess of need. Aching and dripping. So near the edge I whimpered. Begging. For too long, he’d denied me the pleasure I so desperately craved.

I reached him again. My nipples beyond sore. My cunt gaping and pulsing, eager to be filled.

He cupped a hand to my head, petted lightly, then stroked his fingers along my back, circling me. Not taking the crop. Not removing the clamps. Looking.

Masturbation-Monday woman in corset crawlingI arched my back, no longer caring how that tightened the chains from my ankles to the clamps on my pussy. Just eager for him to see, to touch. To take.

And then I felt it, the hard cool texture of the dildo, the glass teasing my straining lips, the tip flicking the clamps, making my pussy clench, grasp at nothing but air until, mercifully, it touched. Stretched my eager cunt. Filled me with agonizing slowness. Inch by blissful torturous inch.

I wanted to grind down on it, hurry it, take it in one hard thrust, yet I dared not move, taking only what he gave.

Greedy lust will be denied. He’d warned me many times.

He held the dildo still, filling me halfway only. Leaving me a quivering wreck. My nipples numb now. My wet pussy lips pulled so taut I felt the clamps slide, threaten to slip off.

I tried to relax, to ease the pull so they would remain as they were, as he wished.

“Do it,” he said. “Fuck yourself, Pet, ride it until you come.”

Bliss. Need. Want. I rocked myself back and forth on the dildo. Each thrust filling me. Each thrust pulling the clamps. The pleasure, the pain, mingling. The cool glass teasing me, the angle just missing the most needy, most eager spot.

I arched further, pulled the clamps yet more, hoping to reach the hard tip to that soft tender spot that sent me over the edge every time. My clit, so swollen, throbbed, begged to be stroked, slapped. Pinched. How I wished for his hand, his tongue, against me. He’d again deny me that pleasure, and so I rocked my hips, ground down on the dildo he held so firmly, thrusting harder, faster, need just out of reach. I swallowed a cry of desperation, lustful drool dribbling past the crop clenched in my teeth.

I ground down more firmly. Harder. Faster.

And then the first stirrings came, the tightening. The heat. The quiver Masturbation Monday - Muscular Shirtless Man holding riding cropof my limbs, my belly. The air, thick, too thick to breathe as a flood of heat pulsed through me in wave after wave of exhausting bliss. My cunt gripping the thick, slick glass, now hot and deep inside of me, and drawing it in yet further as the pulsing ebbed around it like gentle kisses of gratitude.

He left the dildo deep inside of me, then stood in front of me and took the crop from my mouth. I braced for the sting of it. It did not come.

Instead, he walked back a few steps, then he slowly, lusciously unzipped his fly.



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Masturbation Monday MEME


By His Command - Masturbation Monday
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By His Command - Masturbation Monday
Masturbation Monday - where getting off is half the fun. “Crawl.” I trembled at his command. A writhing mess of need. Aching and dripping. So near the edge I whimpered. Begging. For too long, he’d denied me the pleasure I so desperately craved.