Porn is about the act.
Erotica is about the people who engage in the act.


That includes you. Why not stick around here for a while…
and engage.



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Many eyebrows are raised when people first learn that an author writes erotic fiction. I find that moment, whether of intrigue or discomfort, amusing, since we are all sexual beings and, well, sex sells … so it is clearly a subject of interest to many.

I write about sex. But since what I write is erotic fiction and not pornography, my stories are not only about sex… or “the strong pulsations of the body”.


“Whereas men are overwhelmed by the strong pulsations of the body, women remain free to bestow a wider meaning to the corporeal elements of the erotic.”

-F. Gonzalez-Crussi “The Conditions for Seduction, According to an Old Chinese Text,” On the Nature of Things Erotic, Harcourt Brace (1988)

“The erotic does not end in spastic contractions and reflex discharges; it transcends them, to reach into the ethereal realms of memory and feeling, like a note that reverberates long after the string has pulsated.”

-F. Gonzalez-Crussi “The Conditions for Seduction, According to an Old Chinese Text,” On the Nature of Things Erotic, Harcourt Brace (1988)

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The times were dark and desperate. their lives, their very souls, were on the line. Were there witches among them? Only complete submission by the accused – to touch, to examination, to pleasure – might set them free.

Be this a witch?

❝Utterly Unique & Totally Hot❞


He touched her still, coating warm oil over her like a salve upon her tender flesh. Nothing existed but the feelings of hot need he awakened deep within her.

THE MARK: Book I: The Immoral Virtue Trilogy


“It is madness which condemns us to these shameful trials. Nay, I will not submit.”

THE ACCUSED: Book II: The Immoral Virtue Trilogy


“There are pleasures to be had if only you see them as such.”

THE WATCHMAN: Book III: The Immoral Virtue Trilogy

Love Letters…

I defy you not to squirm and moan right along with Abigail as you read The Mark.

best-selling author, Pam McKenna

This original and thought-provoking piece of erotic fiction kept me on the edge of my seat and completely spellbound.

Chloe & Sabine's SMART MOUTH SMUT

An exceptionally erotic trip into the past… the Governor is one hell of a Dom.

USA Today Bestselling Author, Bianca D'Arc

Notes from Arla

A compendium of Arla’s blog posts, in addition to some guest posts


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Seductive Witches or Lustful Men?

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Never Again is Now

Never Again is Now

Never Again is Now When the past tells its tales, we often grimace in despair, vowing never again to repeat past horrors. Yet the past has a way of seeping into the present until the horrors no longer seem so far away. For this we might take heed, and ponder whether...

GUEST POST -The Velvet Chair by CP Mandara

GUEST POST -The Velvet Chair by CP Mandara

How about a little something way beyond sexy today? CP Mandara , author of the sizzling Riding School series, has a new release and I'm thrilled to help her tell you about it here. If you like dark, and you like hot, then, oh-la-la!, THE VELVET CHAIR is certainly for...

Saturday Spankings – Excerpt from THE MARK

Saturday Spankings – Excerpt from THE MARK

For this Saturday Spankings, how about a little peek back at Book 1 of the Immoral Virtue trilogy? For fun and spanks... THE MARK (Immoral Virtue, Book 1) Saturday Spankings EXCERPT   “My intent is not to hurt you, Abigail.” He dragged the crop down, haltingly,...